Cooking has been a joy for me since I was a little girl in the kitchen sitting on the counter watching my own mom cook. She showed great patience as she taught me how to slice vegetables, make homemade noodles, season with a little of this and a little of that, and how to make the best cracker pudding ever!

This joy that was instilled in me as a child has now grown into a passion. I love food, I love to share food with others, and I love to share recipes and techniques with family and friends. I now have three wonderful and energetic children of my own.  I don’t believe I have the same patience as my own mom in the kitchen, but I am still trying to instill love in cooking.  Teaching my own children how to cook has brought a whole new perspective into the kitchen.  I want them to have fun, yet be clean, eat healthy, yet indulge once in a while, and most of all I want them to make memories.

I attempt to feed my family home cooked healthy meals all week long, but lets be honest life is busy. Between owning our own construction business, homeschooling, sports and activities with friends this lovely dream of perfect home cooked meals isn’t always a reality.   This is when I am thankful for Grace. Every meal doesn’t always come out perfect.  Yep, I’ve made some horrible failures at mealtime. Sometimes someone throws a fit about what is on their plate.  Yep, everyone’s children refuse delicious food from time to time.  And then there are the days of just being to darn tired to step foot in your own kitchen.

These things happen, its life.  Through it all I still try to season my cooking with a little of this and a little of that.  Cooking can be a moment seasoned with joy, laughter, love, contentment, hope, and even a sprinkle of passion.  My hope for you is that as you journey into these recipes, you find delicious food to share with family and friends, along with Seasonings of Grace.


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