The Blackbird

Going out to restaurants can be a huge disappointment when you are a serious foodie. And not just a foodie, but a foodie who also knows how to cook restaurant quality meals.  It takes a lot to wow me at a restaurant. The Blackbird was able to wow me to the moon and back.

I am in love with this place. From the awesome building (which happens to be green certified), to the fun eclectic decor of the inside that can keep you playing I Spy with your kids for a good hour, to the mind blowing thinking out of the box deliciousness on your plate. This place rocked my world.

We’ve been there several times to enjoy the brunch served on weekends. With and without our kids. We always start with a wonderful container of their fantastic French press coffee. I wish I could have this coffee delivered to my bed every single morning.

On one of our visits there I was feeling a little frisky and I ordered a Bloody Mary. Now, your asking yourself why in the world does this make you frisky?  The answer is I do not like Bloody Mary’s at all. I want to. It seems like a cool trendy thing to have with your brunch. So, I ordered a Bloody Mary to be cool and trendy and frisky.

Isn’t that just a cool, trendy drink that you should enjoy with your brunch?  I am not going to lie to you, I still don’t like Bloody Mary’s. However, I can appreciate the flavor and style of this drink, and say with confidence those who enjoy this style of drink will most certainly love The Blackbird’s version.

When we went with the kids, there was no chance of walking out of the restaurant without devouring the giant cinnamon roll. I am thankful that we gave in to our children’s demands and devoured this creation of perfection.

Our appetite was then completely satisfied by plates cleverly deemed Easy like Sunday Morning (this is your traditional eggs, potatoes, toast, sausage, and bacon done up just right), Burnt Ends Hash (with a delicious seasonal vegetable sauté, and eggs done to your likeness, I like over easy) , Biscuits with Brisket Gravy (my all time favorite, I am a lover of gravy and this gravy is top notch and is in my dreams often), and Bacon.  Always get the bacon my friends, always.  I asked those in my family to describe their food to me. I only got one word, awesome.

I would love to hear if you have eaten at The Blackbird before, and what you thought. Happy eatings everyone!


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