Weekly Meal Planning

Every Wednesday this is how you will find my couch.  I sincerely believe the best way to guarantee healthy home cooked meals for 80% of your week is to meal plan. I also believe everyone needs to figure out the best way to meal plan for themselves.  It can be so discouraging when your best laid plans for meal planning get completely destroyed week after week. My advice when this happens is don’t give up!!! Tweak the way you’re meal planning, and try again.

Here is a little peek into the way I do it every week. Feel free to try it, change it, or don’t try it all. You won’t hurt my feelings. Do what works for you, and doesn’t stress you out. Cooking and healthy eating do not mix well with stress.

  1. I gather my ads. I shop multiple stores, because I like sale prices, and I know my rock bottom price for pretty much everything in the stores.
  2. I’m an old school pen and paper girl. And that’s where I write my grocery list, breaking it down by store, and I even write the price next to my item to make sure I’m purchasing the correct item.
  3. Once I’ve gone through the ads. I fill out a weekly meal plan paper. I printed mine at Www.Frugalliving.com and I copy one every week.  I go through my calendar and make side notes about big things happening each day. That way I can plan my meals more accordingly and I don’t find myself planning a 3 course meal on a night we have to be at the baseball field by 5pm. 
  4. To fill in my weekly meal plan, I base a lot of my meals on the sales. Especially all my fruits and vegetables.  I also throw in family favorites, and again showing my old school style I look through cookbooks and magazines I have saved throughout the years, and throw in new recipes to try. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have saved every single Rachael Ray magazine since her first one.
  5. Now, I make a seperate column on my grocery list for our family essentials and any extra items for my meals that were not in the ads. Milk, bread, creamer, eggs…

I hope this helps you out in your kitchen, or inspires you to make your own plan, or maybe it just gave you a few minutes of reading material today. Whatever it may be I wish you less stress and happy eating.



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